I'm Elisa.


I'm originally from Tuscany and I've been surrounded by a strong food culture since I was a kid. Unfortunately I've never been as interested in spending long hours in the kitchen like my grandmas would do. I'd be the kid (and grown up) checking up the pans on the hob through the day and be the first in the family sitting at the table excitingly waiting for supper.

Living in London with a full time job plus the extra plans means that there's little time and energy left to cook something that it's not a microwavable meal. Maybe that's why I never really learned to cook; sometimes I'll spend some precious time cooking a recipe that looks very exciting in picture only to find out that the taste isn't that great, just a big waste of time and ingredients. Why bother again?

That's part of why I started this blog; I wanted a space where I can write down my favourite recipes, the ones that I enjoy making again and again because they're easy, healthy and most of all taste great. 

All the recipes in this website are vegetarian, some are my very own or family recipes others are improved recipes from cooking books and other food blogs.

Follow me through my 'lazy' food journey. 


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