Thermomix Charcoal Bread

I found this recipe in Alyce Alexandra's blog. I made it a couple of times and it works very well.

Makes one loaf.

400g baker’s flour
2 tsp food-grade activated charcoal
1 tsp dried yeast
1 tsp fine salt
300g warm water

Place flour, charcoal, yeast, salt and water in TM bowl, mix for 6 seconds, speed 6. 

Knead for 2 minutes, interval speed. You are looking for a sticky consistency where the dough adheres to the bottom of the TM bowl, but releases from the side of the bowl. Add more flour if dough sticks to sides of the TM bowl. 

Place dough into an oiled bowl. Use a spatula to rotate the dough in the bowl coating completely in oil. Cover with a tea towel and set aside in a warm place to double in size. 

Once dough has doubled in size, tip onto a lined baking tray. Shape into a tight round by tucking the dough underneath itself using the edge of your palms. Oil your hands if sticking. Flour can be used if necessary, although the finished product is better if no flour has been used in shaping. 

Spray with water and set aside to prove for 30 minutes. 

Preheat oven to 230°C.

Place loaf in oven and bake for 30 minutes, or until cooked through and hollow sounding top and bottom when tapped. 

Allow to cool for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to slicing.